Forms & Contacts Quick Start Guide
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Wednesday, December 14, 2016
By Zibster Support Hub
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The Form Builder and Contacts tools, together known as the Client Relationship Builder, are great for encouraging your customers and potential customers to interact with your brand online. You can create multiple types of forms – as many as you'd like! – and as people submit their responses, you will be building your contact list in the Contacts tool. Getting started with using the Client Relationship Builder can feel daunting, so below we have some general steps on how to get started.


The first thing to do when getting started with using the form builder is to determine what forms you need to create. This will be different for each business. After you've decided on what forms you need, you'll need to make those forms and tweak your settings. 

Click here for more on how to create a form.

Click here to see all the settings you can control on each form.


When forms are accessed through the direct link, your business information as it was added when you signed up for Zibster will appear at the top of the form. It is possible that this is outdated information if you have moved or changed business names since you first signed up. Click here for instructions on viewing and updating this header information.

In addition to making sure your business information in your header is accurate and up to date, we also recommend adding your logo to the header to further brand your forms and conversations with clients. Click here for instructions on adding your logo to your forms and conversations.


After you've created your forms, its time to share them with customers so they can begin responding. You'll want to integrate some forms (like contact forms and event booking forms) into your website. Click here to learn how.

There are other forms, like model release or contract forms, that you will probably want to send to customers directly as needed. If you're running a contest, you may want to share the entry form on social media. In these cases, you'll use the share feature on your form. Click here to learn how to share your forms.

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