How can I use a campaign as a landing page?
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Monday, October 17, 2016
By Zibster, LLC
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From a marketing perspective, a landing page is a web page that is used to communicate one message to potential customers. A landing page is used when you want customers to take one key action. For example, setting up a consultation, making an appointment, entering a contest, referring a friend, etc. Your landing page should have one specific goal in mind. 

Zibster Email Marketing is a great tool to use to create landing pages. If you need help with creating a campaign, click here for instructions on how to create a new marketing campaign. All landing pages should include the following:

  • Logo
  • Image(s)
  • Header with clear, concise message
  • Short description
  • Call to Action button or link

After you create your landing page as a "campaign," you can share the page on your social media accountssend it in an email blast, and use it to create a blog post with one click.

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